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The Face of Illness Co-Op was created to have a non-profit organization to discuss, educate, train and produce a variety of formats for all topics in Health & Wellness. The first edition of the photo art book, "The Faces of Illness: Badass Beauties Vol I" featured executives and entrepreneurs living with chronic illness, rare conditions and terminal disease. It was because of this exhibition that I found the need to bring their knowledge and brilliance to the community at large. These people are examples of those that elevate the economy through community development, business management, volunteer programs and public speaking.


The Face of Illness Co-Op is a 501(c)(3), F12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution - Organizations that raise and distribute funds for multiple organizations within the Mental Health, Crisis Intervention major group area.

(Organizations described in IRC 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) are charities that normally receive a substantial part of their support from governmental units and/or from direct or indirect contributions from the general public.)


Here, you will be able to see some stories of Beautiful Badasses that are strutting through life wearing their Face of Illness.


You will find blogs, books, and links that radiate Hope, Encouragement, and Tidbits on how to navigate Medical and Healthcare holdups. The transcripts from the interviews during the book, "The Faces of Illness: Badass Beauties Vol I," will be uploaded for viewing. The information here is all volunteered and range from a series of symptoms over years, medications, supplements, complementary and alternative medicine, treatments and effects, what to ask for, and even what you can order yourself if you do not want to wait or don't have insurance in the interim. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat, or replace licensed medical advice. But it is here because at one point or another the people sharing spent countless hours searching and gathering this information and want to just simply help cut down on your search time. Here, you are not alone.


Please enjoy the Photo Gallery highlighting the Beauty of Who We Are NOT What We Are Diagnosed With....

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